Marco Ubbiali

foto,  April 18, 2018
Temporary Professor
Department of
Human Sciences
Academic sector
Palazzo Zorzi-Polfranceschi,  Floor 2°,  Room 1.24
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Marco Ubbiali, PhD, is Research Assistant at the Department of Human Sciences of the University of Verona. In 2013 he received his PhD in Education from the same University of Bergamo. In 2008 he graduated in Pedagogy (Pedagogical counselling and educative research) at the same university. His main research interests concern Edith Stein’s phenomenology, ethical education, school pedagogy, with particular attention to kindergarten and pre-kindergarten, and service learning and civic engagement. He is involved in MelArete project (educative and research project about virtue ethics in kindergartens and primary schools) promoted by CRED (Centre of Educative and Didactic Research) of the University of Verona. He is also member of the CRED. His work refers to the Department’s research area concerning the philosophy of care.


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Topic Description Research area
Service learning and Community engagement To deep theory and practice of Service learning and Community engagement in scientific debate, and in their application in educational contexts, schools and universities. To build a model of Service learning in the university courses, and to monitor, through empirical researches, their educative value relating to students learning, and their performative value for school and community contexts. Training and Organisations
Theory and practice of education
Theory of ethical education To deep and develop Socrates-Plato and Aristotle's ethical position, in the light of the philosophy of care and in dialogue with the position of Paul Ricouer, in order to found a pedagogical vision that can orientate educative paths and empirical researches. Inclusive societies and citizenship practices
Vai al dipartimento di riferimento: Human Sciences

Other positions held
Office Collegial Body
member Collegio Didattico di Scienze della Formazione Primaria - Department Human Sciences
member Council for the Degree Course for Professional Educators - Department Human Sciences
Comitato scientifico del Master in Consulenza educativa per le persone e i servizi in prospettiva internazionale - Department Human Sciences
researcher Consiglio del Dipartimento di Scienze Umane - Department Human Sciences

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