Postgraduate Specialisation in Occupational Medicine

Postgraduate Specialisation in Occupational Medicine

Occupational Medicine 4 - DIDATTICA FRONTALE (2022/2023)

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Teaching is organised as follows:
Activity Credits Period Academic staff
CARTA 4 4 not yet allocated Angela Carta
PORRU 4 3 not yet allocated Stefano Porru
D'ONOFRIO 4 1 not yet allocated Mirko D'Onofrio
BARBUI 4 1 not yet allocated Corrado Barbui
PICELLI 4 1 not yet allocated Alessandro Picelli

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The course aims to provide the resident with knowledge and understanding in-depth understanding of the following basic topics in order to deal with prevention, protection and promotion and management of health and safety in the workplaces.
The resident will acquire, also through examples from the field practical exercises and time devoted to personal development basic knowledge and understanding of:
- ergonomics, definition and history of ergonomics in Italy, role of occupational medicine
- main biomechanical overload pathologies
- risk assessment from biomechanical overload: technical standards in ergonomics, the technical standards of the ISO 11228 series and TR/ISO 12225
- biomechanical overload risk assessment in healthcare and the TR/ISO 12226
- the role of the competent physician
- health surveillance in workers exposed to biomechanical overload risk, guidelines for the management of the symptomatic worker and indications for the formulation of the IM
- discussion of difficult fitness cases and biomechanical overload problems
- the Mental Workload: the technical standards
- psychosocial risk factors
- work-related stress risk assessment: the role of the competent doctor
- night shifts: health issues, the decalogue
- discussion of concrete cases of difficult fitness and shift work

Assessment methods and criteria

The examination is oral. The objective is to assess the attainment of the educational goals stated by the course. The exam might cover every item of the program.
The score is expressed in fifthies.

Reference books

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