Postgraduate Specialisation in Medical Oncology

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Michele Milella
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Learning outcomes

The School aims to train medical specialists in the professional sector of Oncology
Medical. The specialist in Medical Oncology will have to develop and mature technical knowledge,
scientific and professional, the specific competence and skills necessary for diagnosis, the
treatment, follow-up and overall care of the cancer patient, in the various stages of the disease.
The specialist in Medical Oncology will also have to develop and mature humanistic and ethical values
related to the profession of Medical Oncologist, professional interactions and relevant aspects
to the continuity of care and the territorial reality. These are specific areas of expertise
clinical methodology, specific and supportive pharmacological therapy in oncology, communication
doctor-patient, clinical trials, palliative medicine.


The general training program of the graduate school is brought to the attention of the doctor at the beginning of the training period and is updated annually in relation to changes educational needs and the specific needs of the doctor's training program.
The educational organization of the School is that of a continuous cycle path, therefore without a subdivision of formal teaching/learning contents by year. However, it is expected a five-year program for the acquisition of relevant specific skills to the specialist in Medical Oncology. At the beginning of each year of the course the School Council
plans common activities for doctors in training and specific ones relating to internship.

Reference books

See the teaching bibliography

Assessment methods and criteria

Periodic evaluations coming from ongoing tests as well as the opinions of the teachers-tutors.

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