Postgraduate Specialisation in General Surgery

Postgraduate Specialisation in General Surgery

Chirurgia generale 5 (discipline specifiche della tipologia) - DIDATTICA FRONTALE (2018/2019)

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Language of instruction
Teaching is organised as follows:
Activity Credits Period Academic staff
Chirurgia generale - Bassi 1 not yet allocated Claudio Bassi
Chirurgia generale - Guglielmi 1 not yet allocated Alfredo Guglielmi
Chirurgia generale - de Manzoni 1 not yet allocated Giovanni De Manzoni
Chirurgia generale - Salvia 1 not yet allocated Roberto Salvia
Chirurgia generale 1 not yet allocated Amedeo Carraro

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Learning outcomes

Pancreatic surgical technique, discussion of clinical cases, surgical strategy planning


Ward activities (medications, radiological requests, transfusion requests, therapy setting, compilation of medical records, consents, etc.)
Divisional Outpatient Clinic
Activities in small outpatient interventions
Vascular diagnostic activity
Operating theater and ward subguard activities
Autonomous daytime, weekdays and holidays
Weekday and holiday night watchman activities

Operating room activity guided according to the training plan established by the School Council

Assessment methods and criteria

Written test

Reference books
Activity Author Title Publisher Year ISBN Note
Chirurgia generale - Bassi Renzo Dionigi Chirurgia Masson Editore 2017
Chirurgia generale - Salvia Renzo Dionigi Chirurgia Masson Editore 2017

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