Postgraduate Specialisation in Medical Oncology

Medical Oncology for oncologists 1 - DIDATTICA FRONTALE

Course code
Name of lecturers
Elena Fiorio, Davide Melisi, Michele Milella, Rolando Nortilli, Veronica Parolin, Michele Pavarana, Sara Pilotto, Andrea Zivi
Number of ECTS credits allocated
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not yet allocated

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Learning outcomes

The course will take place pursuing 6 substantial objectives:
• To know the principles of Medical Oncology, with particular reference to the natural history of neoplastic disease and prognostic factors.
• To Know the main organ symptomatology of neoplasms and related diagnostic procedures.
• To Know the principles of medical therapy (chemotherapy, hormone therapy and molecular targeted drugs.
• To Know the objectives of the supportive treatments, and the specific strategies (control of the emesis from chemotherapy).
• To Know the methodology of clinical experimentation in oncology and the principles that govern translational research.
• Understand the care network and being able to direct the patient to the most suitable site for symptom management.


• Tumor therapy and anticancer drugs (chemotherapeutics)
• Tumor therapy and anticancer drugs (molecular target drugs)
• Side effects of molecularly targeted drugs
• Antiemetics and support therapy

Assessment methods and criteria

Oral Examination

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