Course of specialisation and professional training in Occupational Therapy

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The course aims to pursue the cultural and scientific investigation of the professional role of figures who work in the field of disability to promote the development of residual abilities and the autonomy of the people suffering acutely or chronically from physical and psychological diseases, lesions or developmental disturbances. In particular the course should supply information about problems related to everyday life activities and the social participation of the disabled. Given this premise, the training objective should involve investigation of the following subject areas: a) ICF and concepts of health, participation and environment b) Social autonomy and autonomy in the ADL c) Sensoriality and motor schema d) Science of occupation e) Ergonomy f) Care of self, play and work g) Cognition, motivation and action h) Analysis of activity These areas will be considered in theoretical/practical classroom lessons with the contribution of lecturers from the university, the SSN or belonging to bodies with agreements with the SSN which operate in the sector of disability and with specific experience in the area. The course includes case-studies and simulations of activity in domestic or work settings in order to supply practical training.

Course details

0 years
Controlling body
Scientific Committee for the Specialist and Professional Training Course in Occupational Therapy
Advanced postgraduate course
Macro area
Life and Health Sciences
Disciplinary area
Medicine and Surgery

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