Nicoletta Zerman

Nicoletta Zerman,  April 21, 2020
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Research interests
Topic Description Research area
Medical esthetics Non-surgical treatment of congenital malformations, traumatic outcomes and iatrogenic malformations and facial aging Diagnostics, Therapies, Applied Medical Technology and Public Health: Aetiology, diagnosis and treatment of disease, public health, epidemiology, pharmacology, clinical medicine, regenerative medicine, medical ethics - Analgesia and Surgery
Pediatric dentistry Pediatric dentistry deals with the diagnosis and treatment of pediatric dentistry disorders DENTISTRY - Dentistry not elsewhere classified
interceptive orthodontics Interceptive orthodontics is an early orthodontic treatment that intervenes to correct a dental malocclusion before this can cause a skeletal anomaly. DENTISTRY - Dentistry not elsewhere classified
Endodontic and conservative teeth therapy Endodontic and conservative dentistry therapy with mini-invasive and esthetic techniques DENTISTRY - Dentistry not elsewhere classified
Dental trauma It deals with dental trauma resulting from sports or road accidents or domestic accidents DENTISTRY - Dentistry not elsewhere classified

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