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Topic Description Research area
The penalty enforcement system Study of the penalty enforcement system, especially with attention to the alternative measures to prison and to the measures in favor of convicted drug addict Criminal Procedure Law
The rules of criminal appeal Study of the rules of criminal appeal (especially: review of the judgment) against final decisions of conviction (such as remedies for judicial errors). Criminal Procedure Law
Investigations and DNA evidence Study of the new procedural rules aimed at mandatory gathering DNA data about living persons in criminal proceedings Criminal Procedure Law
The precautionary measures Study of the precautionary measures against the accused in criminal proceedings, with particular attention to the numerous legislative reforms and to the rulings of the Constitutional Court Criminal Procedure Law
Trial before the monocratic judge Study of the rules of criminal trial before the monocratic judge. Criminal Procedure Law
Criminal proceedings for juvenile offenders Rules of criminal proceedings for juvenile offenders, in particular the study of the procedural rules to protect the minor. Criminal Procedure Law
Testimonial evidence Study of the procedural rules set for the special evidentiary hearing (incidente probatorio) aimed to gathering testimonial evidence when the witness has specific protection needs Criminal Procedure Law
Public Prosecutor (compulsory prosecution principle/decision not to prosecute) Study of Public Prosecutor Office organization, in accordance with the Judicial System set by the law, with a focus on the role of Public Prosecutor in order to exercise criminal action Criminal Procedure Law
Corporate crime liability Rules of the criminal trial with companies as defendants: particulary, role of companies’ legal representative, precautionary measures, plea barganings, appeals, execution and publicity of penalties Criminal Procedure Law
The protection of victims of crime Rules for the protection of victims of crime in criminal proceedings, especially where the victim is examined as a witness in accordance with the provisions issued by the European Parliament and the Council of the European Union. Criminal Procedure Law

Other positions held
  • Full Professor from 10/1/00 to 2/28/10 Department in Law Studies [Department deactivate from 4/30/10. ]
  • Associate Professor from 1/1/00 to 9/30/00 Department in Law Studies [Department deactivate from 4/30/10. ]
  • Full Professor from 3/1/10 to 9/30/18 Department Law
  • Full Professor from 11/1/98 to 4/4/14 Faculty of Law
  • Adjunct professor from 10/1/10 to 10/31/15 Faculty of Medicine and Surgery

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