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Full Professor in Otolaryngology
Director of the Specialty School in otorhinolaryngology
Director of Operative Unit of Otolaryngology
President and Director of the Speech Therapy Degree
He is dealing with microscopic and exclusive endoscopic surgery in the districts of the skull base and ear, the head and neck cancer surgery  
He is a founding member of ‘IWGEES (International Working Group for Endoscopic Surgery Ear) and collaborates with leading international hospital and university structures, as teacher and faculty to spread the endoscopic technique in ear surgery and the lateral skull base
He published the first international book on the endoscopic treatment of ear disease and acoustic neuromas and lateral skull base


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Vai al dipartimento di riferimento: Surgery, Dentistry, Paediatrics and Gynaecology
Topic Description Research area
Cranial base surgery Acoustic nerve neurinoma surgery. Surgery of vascularized neoplasia of the skull base (paragangliomas of the temporal and carotid). Surgery of the tumors of the anterior and lateral cranial base. Analgesia and Surgery
Nasal surgery Treatment of problems related to the nose and upper airways Analgesia and Surgery
Facial nerve surgery Surgery of facial nerve tumors. Surgery for recovery and reconstruction of the facial nerve Surgery
Oncological surgery of the larynx Treatment of malignant laryngeal tumors with reconstructive technique Analgesia and Surgery
Diagnosis of deafness Diagnosis of congenital and acquired deafness on adult and pediatric patients by means of instrumental examinations (audiometry, auditory evoked potentials). Neonatal auditory screening for the early treatment of deafness. Otorhinolaryngology
sensory system Study of sense organs alterations of ENT anatomical regions: taste, smell and hearing. Evaluation of alterations related to pathological states or induced by surgery. Study of restoration techniques, such as implantology in auditory deprivations. Sensory systems (e.g. visual system, auditory system)
Reconstructive microsurgery Reconstructive microsurgery of neoplastic lesions and head and neck outcomes Analgesia and Surgery
Tumoral neurosurgery Head and neck tumoral neurosurgery with microscopic and endoscopic approaches Otorhinolaryngology
New technologies for treating and studying the head and neck district New technologies for treating and studying the head and neck district in order to give new non-surgical and surgical tools to get the best results in dentistry and maxillo facial surgery Analgesia and Surgery
Head and neck cancer treatment Surgical treatment of head and neck neoplastic lesions Analgesia and Surgery
otorhinolaryngology Research on pathologies and surgery of the ear, nose and throat, and for the surgical treatment of the thyroid and parathyroid glands, of the base of the skull, of the mouth, tongue, salivary glands, cervical and facial area tumors Analgesia and Surgery
Deafness treatment Clinical and surgical treatment of congenital and acquired deafness through hearing aids, implantable prostheses, cochlear implants and brainsteam implants. Otorhinolaryngology
Vai al dipartimento di riferimento: Surgery, Dentistry, Paediatrics and Gynaecology

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