Combined Bachelor's + Master's degree in Dentistry and Dental Prosthetics

Combined Bachelor's + Master's degree in Dentistry and Dental Prosthetics

Odontostomatological Disciplines 3rd

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The student will be able to develop diagnostic and radiographic analysis to process treatment plans for oral diseases in dental fields of. Oral surgery, conservative/endodontics, orthodontics and pedodontics. Acquires notions of biostatistics and information technology useful for of bio-medical data analysis PRACTICAL ACTIVITY IN ORAL SURGERY MODULE Ability to diagnose and formulate complex and multidisciplinary treatment plans. Ability to treat the main diseases of the oral cavity requiring surgery. Ability to read and interpret the most used instrumental exams. Expertise in simple and complex dental extractions and in surgical planning PRACTICAL ACTIVITY IN CONSERVATIVE DENTISTRY / ENDODONTICS MODULE Ability to develop a conservative and endodontic planning using all the available diagnostic instruments. To acquire the ability to use tools for realization of conservative restorations. To acquire the ability to perform conservative restorations in a complex multidisciplinary treatment plan. Acquisition of the main principles of digital smile design. PRACTICAL ACTIVITY IN ORTHODONTICS MODULE The student will be able to: apply fixed appliances; design removable devices; correctly execute individual stainless-steel archwires and bend I, II, III order; perform lingual retainers for retaining and fixing teeth; make soldering; remove fixed orthodontic appliances PRACTICAL ACTIVITY IN PEDODONTICS MODULE Knowledge of stomatognatic common diseases in pediatric age. Ability to treat common dental and oral diseases of pediatric patients. Ability to interpret the clinical signs and symptoms of children. Ability to perform restorative and preventive treatments on pediatric patient PRACTICAL ACTIVITY IN MEDICAL STATISTICS APPLIED TO THE DENTISTRY MODULE The objective of the course "Practical activity in medical statistics applied to dentistry" is to provide the theoretical and practical tools to evaluate the frequency of diseases in human populations and the associated risk factors. The course aims to provide expertise in bio-statistics field and information technology applied to the analysis of bio-medical data. At the end of the course the student will have to demonstrate the ability to apply bio-statistical methods to the analysis of data using a statistical software

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