Combined Bachelor's + Master's degree in Dentistry and Dental Prosthetics

Combined Bachelor's + Master's degree in Dentistry and Dental Prosthetics


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Educational objectives. The student will have to learn the anatomical knowledge of the jaws, the degree of partial or generalized bone atrophy, including the anatomical markers for implant insertion, such as the relation with the inferior alveolar nerve, the maxillary sinus and others. He will have to acquire the knowledge of the instruments and his surgical use and the clinical sequence required for the realization of an implant surgery. Direct observational knowledge of surgery, and participation in prosthetic steps to create different types of prosthesis on implants with immediate or delayed loading, screwed or cemented, on single elements, bridges or full-arch rehabilitation. PRACTICAL ACTIVITY IN ORAL SURGERY MODULE At the end of the course the student will be able to: - Perform a proper clinical examination and anamnesis for implant purposes - know how to formulate a correct diagnosis and treatment schedule - know the different anesthetic techniques used in implantology - know the different surgical options and how to administer and execute the implant surgery. PRACTICAL ACTIVITY IN ODONTOSTOMATHOLOGICAL CLINICS MODULE Learning objectives At the end of the course the student will have to acquire: - the ability to perform the examination of the patient: collecting a correct anamnesis and conducting the objective examination of the oral cavity; - an in-depth knowledge of dental semeiotics, also using clinical and instrumental devices; - a correct and exhaustive knowledge of the diagnostic, both clinical and instrumental, of the physiopathology and of the preventive therapeutic and rehabilitative aspects of the dento-maxillo-facial district. - autonomy in clinical management, including management of the patient with dental pathology, even in the presence of diseases of general interest. PRACTICAL ACTIVITY IN PERIODONTICS MODULE The purpose of the practical training consists in learning the periodontal principles in order to elaborate a correct diagnosis and execute the non-surgical therapy techniques; observing the surgical implantology cases and learning the basic surgical techniques applied. PRACTICAL ACTIVITY IN PROSTHESIS MODULE Educational objectives. The practical activity will allow the student to obtain the ability to detect impressions on implants, with tear-off technique or pick-up technique. To be able to manage the various implementation steps, which include assessments related to implant-prosthetic precision, respect for soft and hard tissue and dental occlusion. ORAL SURGERY MODULE The oral surgery course in implantology aims to give to students all the surgical knowledges and skills needed for the correct positioning of dental endosseous implants. In particular, all surgical, medical, radiological and anatomical aspects related to implant surgery will be treated. Theoretical lessons will provide as much information as possible for correct planning of implant treatment through the presentation of explanatory clinical cases. Theoretical lessons will be completed by a part of practical activity during which students will have the opportunity to observe "in vivo" as they learned in lesson. Furtherly they will try to insert dental implants using specifically designed lab models. ODONTOSTOMATOLOGICAL CLINICAL MODULE Educational objectives. The course deals with the morbid processes of stomatological interest, their diffusion, their various localizations, with particular focus on the correlations of the aforesaid pathologies and the implant surgery. In dealing with the topics, the correlations between the various specialized subjects are identified so that the student can identify the preparatory nature of the interventions and finalize the implant therapy case by case basis PERIODONTICS MODULE Providing the necessary knowledge to organize implant therapy in patients with periodontal disease and to prevent and to treat the peri-implant injuries. PROSTHESIS MODULE Educational objectives. The course provides the student with the basic knowledge related to implantology, in both biological and prosthetic terms. The theoretical lessons will allow the student to follow a deepening path aimed to the knowledge of the implant-prosthesis, whether carried out with immediate or delayed loading, with screwed or cemented prosthesis, on single teeth, small bridges and full-arch rehabilitations. The components concerning the implants and the relative prosthetic solutions will be studied, with various components in the different implant-prosthetic connections, including the particular impression materials

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