Combined Bachelor's + Master's degree in Medicine and Surgery

Combined Bachelor's + Master's degree in Medicine and Surgery

Public Health

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Learning outcomes

Transmission models and strategies of direct and indirect prophylaxis of diffusive infectious diseases (in particular immunoprophylaxis and chemoprophylaxis)

Knowledge of the essential elements for the identification and interpretation of the specific damaging frameworks

To acquire knowledge and understanding, also thorough field examples, about:
- general principles of occupational medicine and health and safety in workplaces
- principal clinic-epidemiological features on occupational injuries and work related diseases and disorders
- roles of the different professionals and institutions committed to prevention.
- occupational health clinic, with specific reference to occupational history collection, etiological diagnosis, medico-legal obligations, cooperation among health professionals and physicians (general practitioners as well as specialists), in order to achieve etiological diagnosis
- legislation on health and safety at work
- exposure and risk assessment, health surveillance, individual susceptibility, vulnerable groups, fitness for work
- primary, secondary, tertiary prevention, with reference to different risk factors (e.g., chemicals, physical agents, biohazards, ergonomics, organization and psychosocial factors)

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