Combined Bachelor's + Master's degree in Medicine and Surgery

Combined Bachelor's + Master's degree in Medicine and Surgery

Internal Medicine

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Learning outcomes

The present course is intended to provide participants with a clinical diagnostic capacity on the basis of the recognition of signs and symptoms presented by the patient.
The students should demonstrate to already possess established notions of physiology, pathology and pathophisiology of a broad range of diseases involving all organ systems, and to be able to use them in the interpretation of the patient’ clinical picture.
The students should therefore to infer pathogenetic processes starting from the knowledge of the molecular bases and leading to the most frequent clinical situations and syndromes. The students must demonstrate the requisite skills in physical examination, being able to recognize the main signs characterizing the different diseases. Moreover they have to synthesize and prioritize effectively the problems of the patient, hypothesizing a diagnostic management plan with the support of biochemical and instrumental data and bearing in mind the need of an objective confirmation in the differential diagnostic process.
Classroom lectures will be centered on the analysis of emblematic case-reports on which will be developed and discussed the diagnostic rationale, formulated differential diagnoses, resumed topics of systematic disease in order to define the clinical picture, explain its severity, urgency, clinical relevance; finally, will be discussed and motivated the diagnostic procedures that are necessary to lead to a definitive diagnosis and formulation of a prognosis.

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