Bachelor's degree in Dental Hygiene (Rovereto)


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Roberto Burro
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Lezioni 1 Anno 1 semestre CLID ROV dal Oct 12, 2020 al Dec 19, 2020.

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Learning outcomes

The course will allow the student to obtain the necessary preparation for the study and use of the Psychology of learning understood as an experimental discipline. Cognitive processes such as learning, memory, perception, attention, thought, motivation, emotion and communication will be contextualized in the general methodological framework of cognitive sciences, allowing the student to find all the elements of comparison and integration with methodologies, theories and models, both from a historical perspective that applicative in the world of contemporary research.


1) Scientific psychology: origin and development
- Birth of current psychology
- Currents of Psychology
- Physiological psychology
- Introspectionism
- The Psychology of form
- Dynamic psychology
- Behaviorism
- Scientific assumptions of Psychology

2) Perception and its "laws"
- Perception and sensation
- The sensory bases
- Sensory mechanisms
- The Gestalt laws of perception
- Visual illusions

3) Higher mental functions
- Intelligence
- The thought
- The language

4) Memory and learning
- Memory processes
- Method of studying memory
- Associations
- Constructivism
- Cognitivism and information processing
- Development of the mind
- Learning
- Responsive conditioning
- Operative conditioning
- Cognitive conceptual learning

5) Emotion and motivation
- Drive theory
- Freudian theory of drives
- Ethological theory
- Activation theory
- Secondary cognitive reasons
- Emotions
- The mechanisms of emotion
- Development of emotions

6) States of conscience
- The nature of consciousness
- Brain and consciousness
- Attention and activation
- Daily biological rhythms
- Sleep and dream
- Hypnosis and induced alterations of consciousness

Reference books
Author Title Publisher Year ISBN Note
Canestrari, R., Godino, A. Manuale di Psicologia (Edizione 3) CLUED 2018 978-88-491-5579-2

Assessment methods and criteria

The exam taken during an official call will consist of a 30 minutes multiple choice question (30) (3 answers alternatives, only one of which is correct.) For the final judgment expressed in thirtieths, a correct answer has value equal to 1 point, an incorrect answer has a value equal to 0 points, an answer not given has a value equal to 0 points).

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