Bachelor's degree in Nursing (to qualify as a nurse) (Bolzano)

Application of diagnostic and therapeutic processes - INFERMIERISTICA APPLICATA AI PERCORSI DIAGNOSTICI E TERAPEUTICI

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INF BZ - 2° anno 1° sem dal Oct 1, 2019 al Dec 20, 2019.

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Learning outcomes

The student knows and nominates important aspects and the procedure about the secure administration of drugs:
Oral therapy
Oral therapy via feeding tube
Subcutaneous injection
Intramuscular injection
Intravenous injection
The student knows aspects about the monitoring from desired and undesired effects and potential complications of therapy
The student knows the preparation, administration and monitoring from an enteral and parenteral feeding
The student knows how assist a patient affect from dysphagia
The student knows the objective and preparation, follow up care and procedure from the most common medical examinations (endoscopy, examinations with contrast medium
The student knows the procedure of collecting blood samples; he knows also the patient’s preparation and influence preanalitic factors
The student knows how collect urine, stool and sputum samples
The student knows the standard value from the most common blood tests


Secure and correct administration of oral therapy (enteral and tube)
Secure and correct administration of intravenous therapy
Correct manipulation from peripheral and central venous catheter, prevention and treatment of main complications: phlebitis, occlusion, infiltration
Secure and correct administration of intramuscular therapy
Secure and correct administration of intramuscular therapy
Secure and correct administration of subcutaneous therapy
Technic to collect a venous, arteriosus and capillary blood sample
Instruction from patient to collect samples (urine, stool)
Preparation and follow up care during examinations (endoscopic examinations, exams with contrast medium)
Care and education of patients affect from Dysphagia
Enteral nutrition
Parenteral nutrition

Assessment methods and criteria

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