Bachelor's degree in Nursing (to qualify as a nurse) (Bolzano)

Professional Laboratories (3rd year) [Gruppo 1]

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Francesca Ottoboni
Francesca Ottoboni
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INF BZ - 3° anno 1° sem, INF BZ - 3° anno 2° sem

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Learning outcomes

"Safely manage central and peripheral vascular accesses."

Discuss what supports the choice of venous catheter implantation: how the assessment of venous heritage and the interventions useful for its conservation are carried out, the selection criteria for venous catheter implantation.
Practice the procedure for dressing a central access (CVC), central peripheral insertion access (PICC) and Midline catheter, ensuring the principles of asepsis and safety for the patient and the operator.
Exercise a few management maneuvers: catheter flushing ("flushing" technique and use of the "Nedleless System"); venous sampling from central venous catheter.

"Online database search".

- free search in the online databases PubMed and Cinahl through the use of a search strategy defined by the teacher (with keywords and Boolean operators) recognizing and knowing how to use: search string, results page, record structure, filters and "similar articles" function
- discuss some elements of the structure and content of the Meneghetti Library by activating the "pulse secure" program, recognizing how to access online databases and online journals
- access to the Virtual Medical Library by recognizing and knowing how to use: dictionaries and article retrieval mode
- access to the Claudiana library by knowing how to order an article online.


"Safely manage central and peripheral vascular accesses."
Discussion through interview with experts on the motivations and critical issues in the conservation of venous heritage, criteria for the prescription of the implant, discussion on evidence of effectiveness and good practice, the areas of responsibility and action of the nurse.
The students are divided into groups and rotate on various technical/operational stations, including the execution of the dressing of a central access or Midline, washing and venous sampling from the central catheter or Midline.
Peer exercise (one or two students observe and one student performs): exchange and supervision will be possible between them.

"Online database search"
The students, divided into groups, will practice searching for online journals through access to the Meneghetti Library, the search for scientific articles in the online databases of Pub Med, Cinhal.
Given a research string, they will practice free research in Pub Med and with Mesh.
Keywords will be discussed and chosen according to the research question using Boolean operators.

Reference books
Author Title Publisher Year ISBN Note
Saiani, L., Brugnolli, A. Trattato di cure infermieristiche (Edizione 2) Idelson-Gnocchi 2014 978-88-7947-576-1

Assessment methods and criteria

There is no examination mode.

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