Postgraduate Specialisation in Cardiovascular System Diseases

Postgraduate Specialisation in Cardiovascular System Diseases

Human Physiology (2021/2022)

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Carlo Capelli
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Teaching is organised as follows:
Activity Credits Period Academic staff
Fisiologia Capelli 0.5 not yet allocated Carlo Capelli
fisiologia Schena 0.5 Annuale Scuole Specialità Federico Schena

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Learning outcomes

The purpose of these lectures/workshops is to illustrate the short-term and long-term control of human blood pressure and orthostatic functional response.


1.0 Why regulate blood pressure
1.1 Short-term BP regulation
1.2 Carotid and aortic baroreceptors (location, neurophysiological characteristics)
1.3 Baroreflex response curve
1.4 The bulbar cardiovascular control center
1.5 Functional responses to baroreceptor stimulation
1.6 Cardiac and vascular orthosympathetic efferents, target organs
1.7 Cardiac (and vascular) parasympathetic efferents, target organs
1.8 Regulation of BP by peripheral and central chemoreceptors
1.9 Long-term regulation of BP
1.10 Atrial and ventricular low pressure receptors
1.11 RAAS, ADH, ANP system
1.12 Bainbridge reflex and effective circulating volume
1.13 Orthostatic respons
1.14 Blood pressure and exercise

Assessment methods and criteria

Self-learning test with Kahoot

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