Master's degree in Preventive and Adapted Exercise Science

Didactics and Special Pedagogy

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Angelo Lascioli
Angelo Lascioli
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2° semestre motorie dal Mar 1, 2021 al May 30, 2021.

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Learning outcomes

This program offers a pedagogical and educational prospect to the students in analazing, interpreting and managing the different special educational needs of children, young people, grown-ups and old people who are involved in a project whose main aim is the promotion of motor adapted activities. At the end of the course, students will have improved the following knowledge and skills: - Knowledge of the fundamental theoretical eferences that inspired the special education; - knowledge of theories, of pedagogical type, concerning the disability; - Knowledge of the teaching methods through which it is possible to design inclusive education; - Knowledge of the different types of disabilities; - Know how to design a special educational intervention through motor activities; - Being able to find pertinent and effective sources.


During the lectures, the following subjects will be treated:
The bio-psicho-social paradigm (ICF, 2001);
The “normal speciality” (Salamanca Meeting, 1994);
The change from the viewpoint of “handicap” to the viewpoint of
“Special Educational Needs” (with reference to the International literature)
The disability is a problem of functioning;
The educational problems of the relationship with disable people, with particular attention to the different conditions of special need and in relation to the various life ages;
Educational postures and educational special actions;
The purposes of the special educational work: the life quality applied to disable people;
Disability and aging;
The special educational function of the motor adapted activities;
The problems of the special educational relation.

In the course online platform will be made available to students additional educational materials.

Exam books:
Lascioli Angelo, Educazione speciale. Dalla teoria all’azione, Franco Angeli, Milano, 2011;
Sangalli Angelo Luigi, Attività motoria compensativa, UnoEdizioni, Trento, 2003.

Within the course, different types of didactic methods will be activated:
- Frontal and / or distance lessons;
- Reading and comment of excerpts;
- Case studies (concerning the Kindergarten and Primary School);
- Laboratory activities;
- Vision of short movies;
- Experiences from the professional context.

For further investigation:
Magnanini Angela, Educazione e movimento. Corporeità e integrazione sociale dei diversamente abili, Edizioni del Cerro, 2008;
Carboni Mauro, Le tracce del corpo i riflessi dello sguardo. Pratiche e gesti dell'aiuto educativo, Pensa Multimedia, 2012.

Reference books
Author Title Publisher Year ISBN Note
Angelo Luigi Sangalli Attività motoria compensativa (nuova edizione) Trento UnoEdizioni 2021 Ultima edizioni, in uscita nel 2021
Lascioli, A. Educazione speciale. Dalla teoria all’azione Franco Angeli 2011 9788856846485

Assessment methods and criteria

The assessment for learning will take place through a written examination paper that will consist of presenting a series of closed questions and open questions concerning the topics discussed during the course.
The following assessment criteria will be considered:
- Including the relevant elements that are the basis of the special education;
- Including the elements that characterize special education action;
- Being able to expose their arguments strictly and in a limited time by identifying and selecting the essential elements for exposure;
- Being able to analyse critically the case studies and the experiences presented.

Non-attending students can find useful information to pass the exam by reading and studying the reference books.

"In relation to the situation deriving from the Coronavirus emergency, the examination methods reported above may be subject to changes"

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