Bachelor's degree in Sport and Exercise Science (from 2008-2009)


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Silvano Grazioli
Silvano Grazioli
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1° semestre motorie dal Oct 1, 2020 al Jan 29, 2021.

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Learning outcomes

To learn the principles generates from the kinesiology related to the base capacity of gesticulation of the movement. To acquire the abilities to estimate the amplitude and the quality of the excursion in the main articu-lar fulcrums, the force and the articular length, the joint and muscular functionality for each anatomical district.


Generality and principles of movement:

- Definition of kinesiology
- Mechenical disadvantage
- Fan arrangement of muscle fibers
- Fixed point
- Neuromuscular facilitation
- Exercise and breathing
- Tonic and phasic muscles
- Joint movement: axes and planes
- Active and passive stabilizers

Kinesiology of the vertebral column:

- Trunk overall view
- The lumbar spine as a whole
- Thoracic region and the muscle for breathing
- The cervical spine as a whole
- The concept of posture

Kinesiology of upper limb

- Joints of the shoulder complex
- Scapulohumeral rhythm
- Clinical implications of scapular dyskinesis in shuolder injury
- Glenohumeral instability

Kinesiology of the lower limbs

- The hip and pelvic region
- The knee
- The ankle
- The foot

Evaluating principles of alignment and posture

Measurement for evaluation in Kinesiology

Teaching methods

- Classroom lectures
- Work in small groups

Reference books
Author Title Publisher Year ISBN Note
I.A. Kapandji Anatomia funzionale 2011
Lynn S. Lippert Chinesiologia clinica e anatomia 2008
Kendall, McCreary, Provance I muscoli: funzioni e test 2005
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Bartolozzi P. Malattie dell'apparato locomotore Cortina editore, Verona 2004

Assessment methods and criteria

Test with multiple choice

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