Bachelor's degree in Environmental and Workplace Accident Prevention Techniques (Trento)

Risk prevention and safety education in the workplace - TECNICHE DI PRIMO SOCCORSO

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Name of lecturer
Michele Bertagnolli
Number of ECTS credits allocated
Academic sector
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TPALL 1° ANNO 2° SEMESTRE dal Feb 1, 2020 al May 31, 2020.

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Learning outcomes

Goals to reach:

To describe the meaning of first aid and the actions for helping the injured and the rescuer.

To be able to promptly alert the emergency health system and assist the patient that underwent sudden illness or trauma in the meantime.


Educational program:
- The health emergency system and its warning
- Definition of First Aid and tasks of first rescuer
- The safety of the scene, the rescuer and the injured
- The evaluation of the injured vital functions
- The anatomy and physiology of the Respiratory System
- the anatomy and physiology of the Cardiovascular System
- The base support of vital functions
- first aid acts in the patient with:
Bleeding, amputations
Burns and electric shock

Trauma issues: luxations, sprains, fractures and trauma of the spine (anatomy and physiology in brief)
Intoxications and poisonings
Seizures, syncope and anxiety crisis

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