Bachelor's degree in Physiotherapy (to qualify as a physiotherapist) (Rovereto)

Physiology - PSICOLOGIA

Course code
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Mirta Fiorio
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Academic sector
Language of instruction
FISIO ROV 1A2S dal Mar 5, 2020 al Jun 5, 2020.

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Learning outcomes

The teaching aims at providing knowledge on the main cognitive and behavioral processes with particular reference to neural bases. The student will learn the theories that describe the functioning of cognitive processes (such as attention, memory, language, perception) and the neurophysiological correlates.


The teaching will cover the following topics:
- The basic principles of visual perception; Gestalt principles, optical illusions;
- The perception-action loop: visual systems for recognition and action. The parietal-premotor circuits for reaching and grasping; The mirror neuron system.
- Attention: top-down and bottom-up processes. Spatial orientation of attention; Selective attention: parallel and serial processing;
- Learning: Biological basese and behavioral theories: classical and operant conditioning;
- Memory: Methods to test memory. The phases of memory. Memory systems: sensory, short-term, long-term.
- Language: Processes of understanding and production. Biological bases of language and main theories;

Teaching methods
Teaching consists of frontal lessons, for a total of 10 hours (1 CFU). The first lesson will serve to guide students thought the course: information will be provided about the program, the lesson schedule, the reference textbooks, and the exams. In addition, for each topic discussed during the lessons, the reference will be provided to study material. Additional materials will be provided on the e-learning platform of the University.
Throughout the academic year, a student reception service is available, with a weekly fixed schedule.

Suggested textbooks
- Gazzaniga MS, Ivry RB, Mangun GR. Neuroscienze Cognitive. Ed Zanichelli.
- The slides of the lectures will be available on the web page for the Course.
- Bibliographic references to scientific papers published in international journals will be provided.

Reference books
Author Title Publisher Year ISBN Note
VITTORIO GIROTTO, MARCO ZORZI Manuale di psicologia generale Il Mulino 2016

Assessment methods and criteria

The exam consists for all students of an oral examination intended to ensure knowledge and understanding of the theories that explain the main cognitive processes and the neurophysiological correlates. The exam will cover all the topics discussed during the lessons. The ranking will be expressed in scores of thirty.

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