Bachelor's degree in Dental Hygiene (Rovereto)

Methodology for evidence-based practice - SISTEMI DI ELABORAZIONE DELLE INFORMAZIONI

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Rolly Grisenti
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Lezioni 2 Semestre CLID ROV dal Mar 4, 2019 al May 3, 2019.

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Learning outcomes

Evolution and history of information and system technology.
Study of computer software related to information technology with particular goal for using in clinical and medical field.


The history of evolution of information processing systems. The structure of modern computing. A program for information processing, particularly in the medical health profession.
Notes on the Evolution of computer systems: from Roman times to the Middle Ages.
Machines for automatic calculation by Leonardo machine to the Pascaline.
The first machines for information processing: the concept of programmability.
The advent of electricity and development of calculating machines: the electro-mechanical machines to machines to vacuum tubes.
Machines for automatic calculation and the war: Enigma coding and concept of information cryptography.
The structure of modern computers; nomenclature.
The hardware part: mass memory, CPU, control logic, input-output devices.
The software part: Boolean logic signs, representations of numbers and coding systems of information.
Concept of operating system and application software.
Excel and the concept of spreadsheets; formulas and mathematical functions, logic, statistics and string manipulation. Automatic graphics and personalization graphics output.
Problems with statistical data processing and management of simple databases. The solutions with Excel.
Processing "visual" and communication: hints for "Powerpoint".

Assessment methods and criteria

Practical exercises by personal computer.


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