Combined Bachelor's + Master's degree in Medicine and Surgery

Surgical oncology of the gastrointestinal tract  (Corso Elettivo)

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Corrado Pedrazzani
Corrado Pedrazzani
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Corsi elettivi 1° semestre dal Oct 8, 2018 al Dec 21, 2018.

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Learning outcomes

The course is organized in 6 lessons. The course aim is to discuss the principles of surgical oncology (e.g. TNM staging system, staging modalities, etc) in the treatment of gastrointestinal and hepatobiliopancreatic diseases. Surgical techniques and preoperative (e.g. neoadjuvant chemotherapy and radio-chemotherapy) as well as intraoperative multimodality treatments (e.g. RITA, TACE, HIPEC, etc) will be discussed.


1. Principles of surgical oncology. TNM staging, resection margins, survival analysis, etc.
2. Principles of pre-operative staging and peri-operative management
3. Treatment of esophago-gastric tumors
4. Treatment of colo-rectal tumors
5. Treatment of primary and metastatic liver tumors
6. Treatment of NET and GIST

Reference books
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Renzo Dionigi Chirurgia Masson Editore 2017

Assessment methods and criteria

Attendance based certification
Dates: Tuesday 02/10/2018, Tuesday 09/10/2018, Tuesday 16/10/2018, Tuesday 23/10/2018, Tuesday 30/10/2018, Tuesday 06/11/2018
Time: 5.30 pm
Location: Aula U.O.C. di Chirurgia Generale ed Epatobiliare, III piano, Policlinico G.B. Rossi
Recommended for 5 and 6 year course students

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