Combined Bachelor's + Master's degree in Medicine and Surgery


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Vincenzo Bronte
Vincenzo Bronte
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Lezioni 2° semestre 1°- 5° anno dal Feb 18, 2019 al May 31, 2019.

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Learning outcomes

Objectives of the course
• acquisition of the knowledge in fundamental biologic mechanisms regulating the immune system function for the defense against infections, as well as pathogenesis of hypersensibility, autoimmunity and immunodeficiency; 

• understanding the main laboratory methods used by the immunologist and the immune pathologist;

Objectives of professional expertise
• overview on the immune system function, either in health or disease state;
• overview on the basics for the most common immune laboratory techniques, with the aim to understand: a) the results of laboratory analyses obtained through immunological techniques; b) previously occurred immune responses to infections; c) congenital or acquired immune dysfunctions; d) hypersensibility patterns; e) main autoimmune pathologies; f) immune strategies applied to allergy and immunodeficiency therapies; g) general principles of vaccine and immune suppression therapy; h) transplantation and tumor immunology.


Innate and acquired Immunity. Anatomy, cytology and biochemistry of the immune system: lymphoid organs, cells (lymphocytes, dendritic cells, macrophages, granulocytes, hemopoietic precursors), and molecules (immunoglobulins, T cell receptor, MHC molecules, co-stimulatory molecules). Cellular receptors of innate immunity, sensing of pathogen and damage patterns. Antigen processing and presentation. Cell-mediated and humoral immune response. The complement cascade. Cytokines, chemokines and cell-cooperation. Defense against infections. Immune tolerance. Hypersensibility reactions. Autoimmune diseases. Immunodeficiency. Immunity and tumors. Principles of immunotherapy. Immuno-hematology. Immunology of transplantation.

Reference books
Author Title Publisher Year ISBN Note
Cellular and Molecular Immunology A.K. ABBAS, A.H. LICHTMAN, S. PILLAI 2018
K. MURPHY, P. TRAVERS, M. WALPORT Janeway’s Immunobiology 2017
PETER PARHAM The immune system 2017

Assessment methods and criteria

Written test, based on questions with multiple choice answers., with eventual oral examination.

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