Postgraduate Specialisation in Paediatrics

Postgraduate Specialisation in Paediatrics

Pediatria generale e specialistica 4 - DIDATTICA FRONTALE (2017/2018)

Course code
Academic sector
Language of instruction
Teaching is organised as follows:
Activity Credits Period Academic staff
Pediatria - Antoniazzi 1 not yet allocated Franco Antoniazzi
Pediatria - Bodini 1 not yet allocated Alessandro Bodini
Pediatria - Gaudino 1 not yet allocated Rossella Gaudino
Ped. mal. sangue - Krampera 0.5 not yet allocated Mauro Krampera
Ortopedia ped. - Magnan 0.5 not yet allocated Bruno Magnan
Oncologia ped. - Milella 0.5 not yet allocated Michele Milella
Pediatria - Piacentini 1 not yet allocated Giorgio Piacentini
Pediatria - Pietrobelli 2 not yet allocated Angelo Pietrobelli
Riab. ped. - Smania 0.5 not yet allocated Nicola Smania
Oncoema ped. - Cesaro 1 not yet allocated Simone Cesaro
Pediatria - Zaffanello 1 not yet allocated Marco Zaffanello

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Learning outcomes

Provide basic knowledge in the PMR of pediatric interest


- Cerebral palsy
- Spina bifida

Assessment methods and criteria

Oral exam

Reference books
Activity Author Title Publisher Year ISBN Note
Pediatria - Antoniazzi Marcadante K.J, Kliegman R.M. et al. Nelson Essential of Pediatrics (Edizione 18) Elsevier 2015
Pediatria - Zaffanello Leila Kheirandish-Gozal (Editor), David Gozal (Editor) Sleep Disordered Breathing in Children: A Comprehensive Clinical Guide to Evaluation and Treatment (Respiratory Medicine) Humana Press 2012

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