Bachelor's degree in Sport and Exercise Science (from 2008-2009)

Sport physiology

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Silvia Pogliaghi
Silvia Pogliaghi
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II semestre dal Mar 1, 2017 al Jun 2, 2017.

Lesson timetable

II semestre

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Learning outcomes

“Sport Physiology” is an elective course on Integrative Physiology applied to movement and sport.
The course aims at providing detailed notions on the acute and the adaptive responses to training in different physiological models (training type, extreme ambients, ageing). Through the reading of scientific articles the course aims at fostering technical competences and critical thinking that are propaedeutic to research in the field of sport sciences. Since a few years, the course offered in English, to foster the understanding and use of scientific terminology and of international science communication style.


The course is organised in 12 lessons of two hours on the following subjects:
1. Energy Systems (physiology and time frames of use and interaction)
2. Sport Analysis (“time-motion” analysis for energy systems used and strength requirements)
3. O2 transport (integrating different cardiovascular responses during ramp incremental and constant load exercise)
4. Aerobic System (Cardiorespiratory Fitness) – VO2max, Anaerobic Threshold, Critical Power, MLSS
5. Aerobic System – VO2 kinetics
6. Aerobic Exercise Prescription – general FITT prescription
7. Energy Cost of Activities
8. Peripheral Limitations to Performance (this leads into use of IT)
9. Interval Training – HIT, SIT
10. Strength Concepts
11. Resistance Training
12. Flexibility

Reference books
Author Title Publisher Year ISBN Note
W. D. Mcardle, F. I. Katch, V. L. Katch FISIOLOGIA APPLICATA ALLO SPORT Aspetti energetici, nutrizionali e performance Casa Editrice Ambrosiana 2009 ISBN 978-8-808-18224-1

Assessment methods and criteria

The exam is performed in English and includes a written multiple-choiche test (20 questions with 5 answers) + an oral exam for those who pass the written test with at least 18/30.

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