Combined Bachelor's + Master's degree in Dentistry and Dental Prosthetics

Applied Biology

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Monica Mottes
Monica Mottes
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Lezioni 2° semestre dal Feb 22, 2016 al Jun 3, 2016.

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Lezioni 2° semestre

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Learning outcomes

To offer the basic knowledge of human biology in an evolutionary perspective, underlying the molecular and cellular
processes shared by all living organisms.
To encourage students to critically evaluate experimental data by illustrating prime experiments of the past and
contemporary biology.
To describe the following processes: duplication, transmission, expression of the hereditary information; how changes arise
To describe the hierarchy of master genes involved in tooth development and their interactions.
To offer an updated information about the recombinant DNA technology and its applications to dentistry
To teach the genetic bases of inherited diseases and how to interpret their modes of transmission
To illustrate in particular various genetic conditions affecting dental health


The Darwinian vision of the living world. Unity in the variety of life. The molecular principles of evolution
 Biological macromolecules. Hypotheses on life’s origin
 Evolution of eukaryotic cells. From unicellular to multicellular organisms
 Cell reproduction (Mitosis and Meiosis)
The informational flow: from DNA to RNA to peptides. The regulation of gene expression
 Genomes plasticity and their changes. Mutational mechanisms, mutagens, DNS repair systems
Somatic mutations and cancer; mutations and ageing
 Genetic determination of sex (Y and X chromosomes); normal human karyotype, examples of aneuploidies
Developmental biology; model organisms
Mendel’s laws about genetic transmission of characters; gene association and recombination
Medelian inheritance in men; selected examples of genetic diseases and their modes of inheritance
Post-mendelian genetics
Allelic and genotypic frequencies in populations (HW equilibrium)

Reference books
Author Title Publisher Year ISBN Note
Reece Urry Cain Wasserman Minorsky Jackson Campbell Biologia e Genetica (Edizione 1) Pearson 2015 9788865189320

Assessment methods and criteria

Written test (multiple choice quizzes plus open questions) followed by an oral examination

Teaching aids



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