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L.U.R.M. University Laboratory for Medical Research
The aim of LURM is biomedical research, in vitro, ex vivo, and with laboratory animals. No access is available to patients. L.U.R.M. carries out this objective by supplying users with suitable laboratory space, equipment, resources, and a common overall management.

The following Departments belong to L.U.R.M.
Surgical and Gastroenterological Sciences
Clinical and Experimental Medicine
Medicine and Public Health
Mother child and Biology Genetics
Biomedical and Surgical Sciences
Radioprotection Service
The Service of Medical Physics works with the radioprotection aspects of the various Institutes that carry out activitites carrying high risks of radiation .
The physical aspects of risk from radiation in relation to the source used, the environment and the work done and the limitations and cautions laid down by the law, are periodically assessed by a Qualified Expert.The Service checks environmental exposure, the individual doses absorbed by the operators and periodically checks the technical protective devices.
Furthermore, it manages the dosimetric records and keeps the radioprotection documents updated (charge-discharge records, surface contamination records, work method forms, methods of accessing the risk zones etc.), it manages the use of the radioprotective instruments adopted, supplies consultancy on instruments, working techniques, authorised procedures, disposal methods,it carries out a training-information programme for university staff on the risks of radiation and performs quality controls on the University's radiogenic machinery.

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