Mario Gecchele

FOTO,  August 22, 2005
Adjunct professor
Academic sector
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Palazzo Zorzi-Polfranceschi,  Floor 3°,  Room 2.01
+39 045802 8651
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Mario Gecchele is an associate professor of history of pedagogy and education at the Department of Human Sciences of the University of Verona. His studies are devoted to history of welfare and educational insititutions and to the condition of elderly people. In the last period his researches deep the evolution of school education in Italy, and the role of grandparents in family, society and in their relationship with new generations.


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Topic Description Research area
Inter-generational education To deep the comprehension of the elderly people condition and its roles, in particular referring to the grandparents condition, in relationship with the new generations, with a specific attention to the educational and school contexts for children. Childhood, family, and social networks
Special aspects of education
History of school and educational-welfare institutions to analyze the evolution of school, in particular referring to teacher education and didactic methods; to deep the knowledge of institutions devoted to welfare and children education, from their foundation to the surpassing of the model of Residential Child Care Centre. Roots and contemporary cultures
History of education
Vai al dipartimento di riferimento: Human Sciences

Other positions held
  • Associate Professor from 10/1/01 to 2/28/10 Department in Educational Science [Department deactivate from 5/24/10. Confluito nel nuovo dipartimento di Filosofia, Pedagogia e Psicologia]
  • Assistant Professor from 1/1/00 to 9/30/01 Department in Educational Science [Department deactivate from 5/24/10. Confluito nel nuovo dipartimento di Filosofia, Pedagogia e Psicologia]
  • Adjunct professor from 1/28/15 to 10/31/15 Department Philology, Literature, and Linguistics [Department deactivate from 7/31/15. ]
  • Associate Professor from 3/1/10 to 12/31/15 Department Filosofia, Pedagogia e Psicologia [Department deactivate from 12/31/15. ]
  • Adjunct professor from 1/28/15 to 11/1/15 Department Computer Science
  • Temporary Professor from 2/18/19 to 12/31/22 Department Human Sciences
  • Associate Professor from 1/1/16 to 9/30/18 Department Human Sciences
  • Adjunct professor from 10/1/11 to 3/31/13 Faculty of Humanities and Philosophy
  • Associate Professor from 2/1/89 to 4/4/14 Faculty of Education Science
Office Collegial Body
Teaching staff council for the doctorate in Education and Training Sciences
Comitato Scientifico Corso di Perfezionamento e di aggiornamento professionale in Scuola dell'Infanzia: il bambino al centro
Comitato scientifico del Corso di Perfezionamento e di Aggiornamento professionale in Stimolazione cognitiva ed intervento educativo per la persona anziana - Department Human Sciences
Council for the Specialised Degree course in Health and Rehabilitation Sciences

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