Beatrice Zendrini

Temporary Professor
Department of
Diagnostics and Public Health
Academic sector


Modules running in the period selected: 4.
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Course Name Total credits Online Teacher credits Modules offered by this teacher
General and methodological nursing [Matricole dispari] (2022/2023)   6  eLearning INFERMIERISTICA CLINICA 1
General and methodological nursing [Matricole pari] (2022/2023)   6  eLearning INFERMIERISTICA CLINICA 1
Pathophysiology applied at Nursing [Matricole dispari] (2021/2022)   9  eLearning INFERMIERISTICA CLINICA
Pathophysiology applied at Nursing [Matricole pari] (2021/2022)   9  eLearning INFERMIERISTICA CLINICA

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