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My research activity started from the study of muscle loss with aging (Sarcopenia), and in particular of its mechanisms and  its relationship with disability and functional status.
In 2001 I attended the Nutrition Exercise Physiology and Sarcopenia (NEPS) Laboratory, directed by Professor Ronnen Roubenoff, at the Jean Mayer Human Nutrition Research Center of Boston. During this period I studied in particular the biological mechanisms involved in Sarcopenia and muscle loss, starting there my laboratory experience and practice. In 2002 I attended the Else Kroner-Fresenius-Center for Nutritional Medicine at the Technical University of Munich, directed by Hans Hauner, to study adipocite biology.
Since that my research activity has focused on  the study of skeletal muscle and adipose tissue biology and pathophysiology in different medical settings, in particular in aging and obesity. Recently my scientific efforts have been focused on the biology of adipocytes in the tumor microenvironment.


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Topic Description Research area
Nutrition Ageing and Body Compodition Association between nutrition and age-relate body composition changes . Evaluation of body composition by using DXA Computer Tomography and MRI Ageing
Obesità e Cancro Studio della relazione tra Obesità e Cancro con particolare focus sul cross talk tra adipocita disfunzionale e cellula cancerosa nel microambiente tumorale Oncology
Obesity in young and elderly people Evaluation of metabolic and hemodynamic consequences of obesity in young and elderly people. Fat distribution assessment, phenotypes of obesity. Endocrinology
Sarcopenia Quantitative Qualitative and Functional muscle changes in usual and pathological aging Organ physiology and pathophysiology
Adipose tissue, chronic diseases and aging Interrelationship between adipose tissue, chronic diseases and aging. In vivo and in vitro analysis of adipose cells and tissue in young and elderly people Ageing
Vai al dipartimento di riferimento: Medicine

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Council for the Degree Course in Nursing - Medicine and Surgery
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member Comitato Scientifico del Master in Sovrappeso e Obesità: fisiopatologia, clinica e trattamento multidisciplinare - Department Surgery, Dentistry, Paediatrics and Gynaecology
Consiglio del Dipartimento di Medicina - Department Medicine
Consiglio della Scuola di Specializzazione in Geriatria - Medicine and Surgery

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