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Degree in Padua in 1979 and then postgraduated in cardiology and nephrology in order to enrich the knowledge on his main research and medical objective: arterial hypertension His main interest rely on cardiovascular diseases and particularly in heart failure. He attended french, english and german universities to learn laboratory techniques thus allowing him to organize a colture cell laboratory located in LURM at the University of Verona


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Topic Description Research area
Hypertension o Experimental and clinical aspects of arterial hypertension and cardiovascular risk factors o Experimental and clinical aspects of endothelial function and oxidative stress. o Experimental and clinical aspects of arterial stiffness o Oxidative stress, isoprostanes and platelet activation in cardiovascular disease o Eicosanoids in the development of renovascular hypertension, essential hypertension and pre-eclampsia o Heritability of blood pressure and blood pressure variability. o Heritability of metabolic syndrome and its individual components. o Genes implicated in blood pressure regulation and metabolic syndrome development o Monogenic forms of hypo-/hypertension and in particular Gitelman syndrome o Pharmacogenetics of antihypertensive and other types of cardiovascular drugs o Nutritional aspect in the development of obesity and hypertension in children and adults o Nutritional aspect in the development of early vascular damage o Experimental and clinical aspects of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease o Pathophysiology of hypertension induced by anti-angiogenic drugs. o Vascular changes during physiologic and pre-eclamptic pregnancy. Cardiac & Cardiovascular Systems
Acute and chronic heart failure Cardiac & Cardiovascular Systems

Other positions held
  • Assistant Professor from 1/1/01 to 2/28/10 Department in Biomedical and Surgical Sciences [Department deactivate from 5/24/10. Confluito nei nuovi dipartimenti di Medicina e di Chirurgia]
  • Assistant Professor from 3/1/10 to 9/30/19 Department Medicine
  • Temporary Professor from 12/2/86 to 10/31/16 Faculty of Medicine and Surgery
Office Collegial Body
member Council for the Department of Biomedical and Surgical Science Cardiology Section

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