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Prof. Fiorenzo Faccioni deals with dento-skeletal abnormalities of child and adult and temporomandibular joint diesases. His scientific research activities are: Dental Materials Technology for orthodontic use with a particular interest in the study of their biocompatibility.


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Topic Description Research area
interceptive orthodontics Interceptive orthodontics is an early orthodontic treatment that intervenes to correct a dental malocclusion before this can cause a skeletal anomaly. Dentistry not elsewhere classified
Lingual orthodontics Lingual orthodontics is a type of orthodontic fixed aesthetic treatment in which the brackets are positioned on the tongue of the teeth, thus invisible from the outside. It has the same therapeutic possibilities of vestibular equipment. Dentistry not elsewhere classified
Orthodontics Mobile and fixed orthodontic treatment of malocclusion and iatrogenic outcome of jaw treatments Dentistry not elsewhere classified
Pre-surgical orthodontics For pre-surgical orthodontic treatment is a orthodontic treatment that is performed with a fixed device in order to obtain the ideal occlusion standard after the surgical intervention of the maxillary skeletal anomalies has been corrected. Dentistry not elsewhere classified
Mioaertropathies treatment with orthodontics and byte Treatment of myarthropathies aims to position the mandible condyle properly within the glenoid cavity, so as to obtain an adequate functionality of the temporomandibular joint and chewing muscles. This type of treatment uses temporary mobile devices, including frontal repositioning plaques (acrylic bites that reposition front jaw and consequently condyle) neuro-muscular deprogrammers (acrylic bites that remove occlusal interference to cause the chewing muscles and the temporomandibular joint can be positioned in a neutral position), which can be used in the initial therapy of temporomandibular disorders, and then move to a definitive treatment with orthodontic or prosthetic rehabilitation, which modifies the occlusion of the patient. The Pivot Plate is used in cases of acute joint block and allows to reestablish the correct condyle-scapegoat. Dentistry not elsewhere classified
Dental trauma It deals with dental trauma resulting from sports or road accidents or domestic accidents Dentistry not elsewhere classified
Vai al dipartimento di riferimento: Department of Engineering for Innovation Medicine

Other positions held
Office Collegial Body
Scientific committee for the 2nd level Master's degree in Parodontology - Department Surgery, Dentistry, Paediatrics and Gynaecology
member Council for the Department of Morphological-biomedical Science

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