Bachelor's degree in Dental Hygiene (Rovereto)

Bachelor's degree in Dental Hygiene (Rovereto)

Pharmacology, Anesthesia and Dental Emergencies

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The aim of the course is to teach the concepts underlying anesthesiological practices in dentistry such as regional loco anesthesia and sedation in surgical procedures of the oro-facial region, with their modes of execution and possible side effects and complications. The basic concepts of tyyopathology and pain therapy are also covered, with particular regard to acute and chronic painful pathologies in the facial oral region. PHARMACOLOGY MODULE FOR DENTAL HYGIENIST Training objectives: Providing the student with the basic knowledge to understand actions of drugs on the physio-pathological processes of patients and to conceptually and practically incorporate the effects generated by drugs within their professional activities. Specific training objectives: At the conclusion of the Pharmacology module, the student will have the scientific and operational knowledge to: • understand the mechanisms of action of drugs that underlie its main, collateral and toxic effects; • know and understand the clinical evaluation methodologies of drugs and their industrial development, • understand the basics of the rational approach to the use of the drug; In particular, the course will allow the student to understand the use, and to know the risks associated with it, of some of the classes of drugs to which patients will most likely be exposed to him/she followed: NSAIDs, corticosteroids, vasocostrictors, pain pharmacology, antibacterial drugs and pharmacology for clotting.

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