Bachelor's degree in Dental Hygiene (Rovereto)

Bachelor's degree in Dental Hygiene (Rovereto)

Orthodontics and applied physics

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Teaching introduces the student to re-identifyand distinguish theehedontic and disagnatic clinical frameworks in order to refer to the specialist in orthognantian and to understand the magnitudes and physical laws of mechanical phenomena, especially orthodontic techniques. PHYSICAL FORM APPLIED TO DENTISTRY Training objectives: The Course aims to provide:  the foundations of the experimental method, which is the basis of modern scientific and technological disciplines  basic knowledge (sizes and physical laws) of mechanical phenomena, with examples and applications related to biology and medicine (biomechanics). At the end of the course the student will be able to apply the acquired knowledge to the solution of simple problems. ORTHODONTICS MODULE Training objectives: Recognizing and distinguishing clinical and disdainful frameworks. Diagnose and classify the different occlusal clinical frameworks, acquiring knowledge about their therapeutic implications, both in the growing subject and in the adult. Recognize the most complex cases in order to report to the specialist in orthognatodontic.

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