Combined Bachelor's + Master's degree in Dentistry and Dental Prosthetics

Combined Bachelor's + Master's degree in Dentistry and Dental Prosthetics

Odontostomatological Disciplines 2nd

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The student will manage to perform a complete dental evaluation of the patient. In particular, the knowledge acquired in the various disciplines (gnathology, clinical, periodontology, prosthesis) will allow him to carry out an overall evaluation of the patient, formulating diagnoses and multidisciplinary treatment plans using the most appropriate clinical and instrumental methods and integrating in them all the dictates of the different dental branches. PRACTICAL ACTIVITY IN ODONTOSTOMATOLOGICAL DISCIPLINES MODULE To be able to formulate complex treatment plans that include the interest of all dental disciplines. Ability to use the most appropriate diagnostic tools and to integrate clinical and instrumental information to formulate complete and patient-customized diagnoses PRACTICAL ACTIVITY IN GNATHOLOGY MODULE Differential diagnosis of temporomandibular pathologies and muscular disorders. Knowledge of diagnostic tools and principles of intervention. Ability to read a Magnetic Resonance of the temporomandibular joint and to identify the pathologies in it. Ability to formulate treatment plans integrated with other disciplines PRACTICAL ACTIVITY IN PERIODONTOLOGY MODULE Ability to diagnose pathologies related to the supporting tissues of the tooth with different severity, using the different diagnostic tools available. Ability to perform conservative and surgical treatments of the most frequent periodontal diseases. PRACTICAL ACTIVITY IN DENTAL PROSTHESIS MODULE o Educational objectives. In practical activity, the course includes instrumental-radiographic diagnostic evaluation and photographic documentation among its objectives. The ability to perform an adequate prosthetic preparation, with the various techniques of dental realization in fixed prosthesis and in mixed prosthesis. The student will manage to acquire the ability to detect intraoral impressions in the various pathological indications and the use of the facial bow and articulators. He will be able to acquire the techniques of construction of fixed prosthesis, precision impressions, intermediate tests and delivery of the prosthetic product, with intraoral verification. In the same way, the techniques and times for the realization of the mobile prosthesis will be implemented, through the clinical sequences from the impression taking on edentulous / partially edentulous tissues, to the delivery of the total or partial removable prosthesis

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