Combined Bachelor's + Master's degree in Dentistry and Dental Prosthetics

Combined Bachelor's + Master's degree in Dentistry and Dental Prosthetics

Maxillofacial pathology and therapy

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Aim of the course is to provide the learner all the basic knowledges regarding the diseases of the maxillofacial district. The main objective is to develop the skills for a correct classification and diagnosis of the main maxillofacial and ENT pathologies in order to manage them properly through collaboration with the specialist. For pathologies, however, inherent to the branch of oral surgery, since they are purely odontostomatological problems, will be required in addition to diagnosis to do a proper treatment planning through a suitable assessment of the different therapeutic options available. PRACTICAL ACTIVITY IN ORAL SURGERY MODULE Training objectives. The student must achieve the necessary skills to: perform a complete clinical examination of the patient affected by the diseases treated during the lectures prescribe the best instrumental investigations in order to correctly address them formulate a treatment plan perform the basic surgical procedures in all their steps (preparation of the operative field, anesthesia, flap design, suture and post-surgical dressing). MAXILLO-FACIAL SURGERY MODULE Learning objectives During the course all the pathologies of absolute maxillofacial relevance will be developed from the diagnosis up to the principles of surgical treatment in order to provide the learner with all the knowledges required for a correct patient’s staging. In particular, the following topics will be explored in terms of etiopathogenesis, diagnosis and treatment principles:concept of urgency / emergency in maxillofacial surgery traumatology of the facial skeleton jaws dentoskeletal deformities severe bone atrophy of the jaws benign and malignant lesions of the salivary glands At the end of the course the student must be able to correctly diagnose the aforesaid pathologies and to identify the best electiveoremergency therapeutic protocol ORAL SURGERY MODULE Educational objectives. The oral surgery course aims to give to the students all the theoretical and practical knowledge necessary for the correct management of the most common pathologies requiring a surgical treatment. In particular at the end of the course the student must be able to indicate the principles of diagnosis, therapy and treatment planning of common pathologies such as dental disodontiasis odontogenic periapical lesions (endodontic surgery) cystic neoformations of the jaws benign tissue lesions soft (frenum, fibroids, mucocels, etc.) the dento-alveolar traumatology. Moreover, for each pathology all aspects of surgical technique will be provided, useful for the management of the same, from the selection of the patient to the preparation for the intervention up to the modalities of execution of the intervention itself and to the subsequent follow-up. In this way the student will be provided with a practical approach with which to face common pathologies that represent a significant part of daily practice. The theoretical lessons will be joined by a part of practical activity during which students will have the opportunity to observe ""in vivo"" what they learned in class ENT OTORHINOLARYNGOLOGY MODULE Educational objectives Aim of the module is to provide the student with the knowledges and skills of diagnostic-therapeutic activities of general relevance in otorhinolaryngology. At the end of the course the student must possess knowledge, as far as his competence is concerned, in the field of pathophysiology and clinics of the main otorinolaringoiatric diseases in pediatric and adult age, know the basics of functional and instrumental semeiotics, as well as the methodology and therapy in otorhinolaryngology, especially for emergency illnesses. Finally, he must have knowledge of the main surgical techniques used daily in the field of ENT.

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