Combined Bachelor's + Master's degree in Dentistry and Dental Prosthetics

Combined Bachelor's + Master's degree in Dentistry and Dental Prosthetics

Dental Materials and Prosthetic Tecniques

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Make the student assimilate the nature and the use of materials and technologies used in dentistry through the explanation of the chemical structure and physical characteristics of the materials. The indications of use and manipulation of materials will also be explained with a particular interest in the development of the most innovative technologies. Provide knowledges of the dental occlusion, the masticatory function and the physiopathology of the stomatognathic apparatus. To make the student understand the functions of the masticatory system: horizontal jaws relation, vertical jaws relation, curves and occlusal planes, mandibular movements, kinds of functional occlusion, articulators, dental impression and study models.Laboratory creation of fixed prostheses and removable partial dentures. Principles of total prosthesis and construction and laboratory phases. Laws that regulate the professional figures of dentists and dental technicians. PRACTICAL ACTIVITY MODULE IN DENTAL MATERIALS: training objectives. The manipulation of the most common dental materials is performed by the learner. Tests on models are also performed with the main tools for implantology and oral surgery. PRACTICAL ACTIVITY MODULE IN PROSTHETIC AND LABORATORY TECHNOLOGIES: training objectives. All the procedures necessary for taking the dental impression and the realization of the study models, the occlusal registration, the articulation assembly and the teeth assembly are explained and performed. DENTAL MATERIALS MODULE: training objectives. This course will focus on the analysis of fundamental notions concerning the main materials currently used in fields such as prosthetics, restorative dentistry and orthodontics.Among the objectives of this course there is also the acquisition, by the student, of the main phases related to the execution of particularly important processes that are daily applied in dental laboratories. Will also be described the main equipment currently available for the realization of the aforementioned processes. At the end of the course the student will have to possess the necessary knowledge to be able to express an objective evaluation of the products produced in the dental laboratory. MODULE IN PROSTHETIC AND LABORATORY TECHNOLOGIES: training objectives. The course aims to illustrate the main characteristics of dental materials, relating them to the specific application and methods of use. Some phases of the working methods that are commonly used in the daily practice of the dentist will also be analyzed. In this course will be illustrated: the biological, physical, chemical and aesthetic properties of each material. Furthermore, new perspectives regarding the field of implantology and regenerative therapy will be discussed. In addition to these objectives, at the end of the course the student should be able to identify the methodologies that allow the best use of the material and its correct use.

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