Combined Bachelor's + Master's degree in Medicine and Surgery

Combined Bachelor's + Master's degree in Medicine and Surgery

Practical-assessment internship in preparation for the state certification exam - surgery

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Learning outcomes

At the end of the Surgical Area practical training the students should achieve the following objectives:
• master and implement the best practices of the doctor-patient relationship;
• be able to collect the medical history and perform an objective examination;
• apply clinical reasoning, be able to identify priority or urgent and secondary problems, to generate diagnostic hypotheses and to identify diagnostic tests of greater sensitivity and specificity in order to confirm or refute such hypotheses;
• be able to interpret laboratory results;
• be able to interpret diagnostic imaging reports;
• comprehend decision-making processes related to surgical treatment;
• be able to fill admission reports and discharge letters;
• be able to assess the appropriateness of the indication for hospitalization
• be able to focus on the reason for hospitalization notwithstanding complex medical conditions, which might include chronicity and other critical issues;
• be able to indicate prevention and health education actions;
• be aware of the importance of observing strict punctuality in the shifts;
• comply with hygiene behaviour and rules of surgical wards;
• know how to positively interact with the medical, nursing and technical staff of the department;
• know the different roles and responsibilities of each team member.

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