Bachelor's degree in Biomedical Laboratory Techniques (to qualify as a biomedical laboratory worker) (Verona)

Bachelor's degree in Biomedical Laboratory Techniques (to qualify as a biomedical laboratory worker) (Verona)

Principles of law, bioethics and professional ethics

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The integrated course aims to provide students with skills related to: 1. the historical evolution of laboratory diagnostic investigation methods and their integration into the clinical process; 2. the principles and models that guide professional practice and its organization and regulation 3. to bioethics and the ethics of health professions. MODULO ETICA E MEDICINA LEGALE Learning outcomes: The course aims to develop in the graduating student a "forma mentis" able to consider the health activity not only as a "technical" contribution, but also as an activity inserted in a social context, offering bioethical skills, ethical and deontological to adequately address the multiple aspects of the profession. MODULO ORGANIZZAZIONE E REGOLAMENTAZIONE DELLA PROFESSIONE Learning outcomes: knowledge: Knowing the Philosophy, Theories, Principles, Paradigms and models that g guide professional practice, knowing the Management Process, the Laboratory Sciences and ai its application in Practice. MODULO STORIA DELLA MEDICINA Learning outcomes: The aim is to give a comprehensive and critical overview of the historical evolution of medicine, with a special attention to the laboratory investigations for the diagnosis (clinical chemistry, microbiology, histology and histopatology). The course is divided in two parts: 1) General part: Epochs, facts and figures in the history of medicine. From ancient times to the Renaissance; the experimental method in the XVII century; the eighteenth century and enlightenment medicine; the nineteenth century and the modern medicine. 2) Special part: The ways and methods of diagnosis: the senses and the instruments. The laboratory evolution in medicine. The microscope in medical and biological sciences. .

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