Bachelor's degree in Physiotherapy (to qualify as a physiotherapist) (Vicenza)

Bachelor's degree in Physiotherapy (to qualify as a physiotherapist) (Vicenza)


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Provide basic knowledge of cardiology and rehabilitation pneumology as well as the methodology of respiratory and cardiovascular physiotherapy. MODULE: REHABILITATION CARDIOLOGY Know the main diseases affecting the cardiovascular system. Know the main instrumental and laboratory investigations used in cardiocirculatory diagnostics. Acquire knowledge related to indications, roles and objectives of rehabilitative interventions, effects on the quality of life of the person with cardiovascular diseases, with reference to the rehabilitation program. MODULE: REHABILITATION PNEUMOLOGY Know the physiopathological mechanisms of the main respiratory diseases and learn the principles of respiratory physiotherapy. MODULE: METHODOLOGY OF RESPIRATORY AND CARDIOVASCULAR PHYSIO-THERAPY Acquire knowledge of the fields of intervention of respiratory and cardiovascular rehabilitation. To learn the theoretical and practical knowledge for the clinical and functional assessment of the patient with pulmonary and cardiovascular pathology to set up and implement the physiotherapy and rehabilitation intervention.

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