Bachelor's degree in Nursing (to qualify as a nurse) (Legnago)

Bachelor's degree in Nursing (to qualify as a nurse) (Legnago)

Maternal and paediatric nursing care

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Learning outcomes

The course aims to provide students with knowledge on educational and clinical aspects of caring for children and their family, women during pregnancy and after childbirth or with reproductive system disorders. PEDIATRIC NURSING learning outcome: to understand the clinical specific aspect, such as for example range of vital sign, drugs’ safe management, concerning caring for child and the family MIDWIFERY CARE: Learning oucome: to understand changes effect women during the labour time, and the process of fisiological delivery, in order to support mothers and newborns during childbirth. OBSTETRICS AND GYNAECOLOGY: Learing outcome: to introduce the student to the educational, clinical and assistance aspects addressed to the woman during the fertile period, the menopause or with reproductive system diseases - to recognize womens' needs at the various ages and stages of of life; to use teaching and learning strategies to achive prevention of sexually transmitted diseases and women partecipation to cancer screening programs, PAEDIATRICS: Learning outcome: to understand the meaning of caring for children and family.

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