Bachelor's degree in Nursing (to qualify as a nurse) (Legnago)

Bachelor's degree in Nursing (to qualify as a nurse) (Legnago)

Community nursing

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The course introduces the student to the understanding on how the community in its various declinations addresses health and social needs. The learning outcome are: -to know the contribution of the psychosocial sciences in the understanding of the changing dynamics both in groups and in the family -to understand the processes of working group development -to understand how decision-making processes occur in groups -to analyze how society deal with patients with psychiatric disorder -to develop community care intervention taking into account the peculiarities of community care setting COMMUNITY NURSING The learning aims are to reflect about caring for the community, to learn caring nursing intervention for families and patient’s in the primary care setting realted to their needs and disease, and how to create a srong relatioship as a nurse within hospital and primary care services. MENTHAL HEALTH NURSING The course aims to provide basic reading keys for the knowledge of the phenomenon of mental illness and of all the parties and family. The nurses role with those patients as a part of the care group will be examinated. GENERAL SOCIOLOGY The learing aims are to introduce students to a vision of the family as a social institution whose primary function is social assistance to the members belonging to the family itself. The course will present the familiar forms that flank the so-called traditional family, starting from multigenerational family. Finally, we will observe the family as reference variable through epidemiological models (theoretical) capable of presenting operating modes of the family network with respect to issues related to health and disease/illness/sickness. GENERAL PSICHOLOGY This course aims to inform students about the different aspects and implications of group's psychology. Moreover a special attention will be paid on two main themes: work groups and virtual groups. Practical implications in the nursing area will be further discussed. PSYCHIATRY the learning aims of this cousre are to give to the students knowledge on: the cultural, historical, scientific and normative development of psychiatry, the classification of mental disorders, including etiological and prognostic models, therapeutic interventions, including medicines, for mental disorders.

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