Combined Bachelor's + Master's degree in Medicine and Surgery

Humanitarian Medicine and Surgery  (Corso Elettivo)

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Roberto Salvia
Roberto Salvia
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2° semestre dal Feb 22, 2021 al May 28, 2021.

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At first sight, it may seem pleonastic to define medicine as humanitarian, since its principal aim of medicine lies precisely in human relationships, and rather enigmatic to talk of humanitarian medicine today, as if we were almost obliged to think of a new concept of humanity. International humanitarian law, whose purpose is to attenuate the evils of war, has been intimately bound from its earliest days to doctors and all others whose mission in life is to heal. The law has extended its protection and solicitude to many other victims of conflicts and also, in peacetime to victims of disasters
This course aims to provide the basis for better understanding the operational contexts, to improve the student awareness on humanitarian issues, to provide clinical and managerial tools for health management and to begin to form a solid foundation for those who want to become humanitarian workers. The course will be conducted in collaboration with peoples with recent experience in the field and with a humanitarian association of international importance.

Active collaboration from Elda Baggio, MD, former associate professor in the Verona University and activ e member of Msf, expert in developping countries.


The program includes:
1. History of the evolution of the concept of humanitarian medicine
2. Birth of the United Nations and the World Health Organization
3. The Declaration of the Universal Human Rights (1948)
4. The birth and spirit of the International Red Cross
5. The Geneva and Hague Conventions
6. Experiences of Humanitarian Operators

Assessment methods and criteria

Suitable if there is 75% of the frequency
second semester
auletta chirurgia B - 5° piano

Frequency Year Recommended: 3 °, 4 °, 5 °, 6 °

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