Postgraduate Specialisation in Sport and Exercise Medicine

Course name
List of teachings with the periods that have not been assigned
years E-lrng Name Teacher or coordinator
Human Anatomy Carlo Zancanaro (Coordinator)
Biochemistry Sofia Giovanna Mariotto (Coordinator)
Clinical biochemistry and clinical molecular biology Giuseppe Lippi (Coordinator)
Physiology Silvia Pogliaghi (Coordinator)
ECG Holter monitoring Mariantonietta Cicoira (Coordinator)
Diseases of the respiratory system Ernesto Crisafulli (Coordinator)
(click to insert) Sport Medicine Cristiano Fava (Coordinator)
Medicina d'emergenza-urgenza not yet allocated
Internal Medicine Luca Giuseppe Dalle Carbonare (Coordinator)
Medicina interna (tronco comune) not yet allocated
Seminari e convegni 1 not yet allocated
Medical statistics Lucia Cazzoletti (Coordinator)
Echocardiography not yet allocated
Endocrinology Paolo Moghetti (Coordinator)
Pharmacology Cristiano Chiamulera (Coordinator)
Exercise Physiology Carlo Capelli (Coordinator)
Malattie dell'apparato respiratorio 2 Ernesto Crisafulli (Coordinator)
Sport Medicine 2 Luca Giuseppe Dalle Carbonare (Coordinator)
Legal Medicine Domenico De Leo (Coordinator)
Seminari e convegni 2 not yet allocated
Aspetti internistici e medico sportivi nell'ambito delle malattie dell'apparato locomotore not yet allocated
Imaging and Radiotherapy Diagnostics not yet allocated
Esercizio nelle malattie cardiache not yet allocated
Physiology 3 Mario Rosario Buffelli (Coordinator)
Muscoloskeletal diseases Eugenio Vecchini (Coordinator)
Sport Medicine 3 Luca Giuseppe Dalle Carbonare (Coordinator)
Motor activities methods and didactics Paola Cesari (Coordinator)
Seminari e convegni 3 not yet allocated
Aspetti internistici e medico sportivi nell'ambito della medicina fisica e riabilitativa not yet allocated
Sport medicine 4 Luca Giuseppe Dalle Carbonare (Coordinator)
Physical and rehabilitative medicine Marialuisa Gandolfi (Coordinator)
Metodi e didattiche delle attivita' sportive Federico Schena (Coordinator)
Seminari e convegni 4 Anna Maria Fratta Pasini (Coordinator)

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