Master's degree in Preventive and Adapted Exercise Science

Laurea magistrale in Scienze motorie preventive ed adattate

Course modules Training activities taf D and F

1° semestre motorie from 10/1/20 to 1/29/21
years TTA E-lrng Name Teacher or coordinator
D Anthropometry Carlo Zancanaro (Coordinator)
D Physiology of sport nutrition Silvia Pogliaghi (Coordinator)
D Biochemistry for sport Massimo Donadelli (Coordinator)
D Methodology of sport activities measures Luca Paolo Ardigo' (Coordinator)
D Advanced nutrition for sports Silvia Pogliaghi (Coordinator)
D Sport physiology Silvia Pogliaghi (Coordinator)
1° 2° D Neurological diseases and movement disorders Michele Tinazzi (Coordinator)

2° semestre motorie from 3/1/21 to 5/31/21
years TTA E-lrng Name Teacher or coordinator
D Sports and drugs Giovanna Paolone (Coordinator)
D Forensic medicine and social security Aldo Eliano Polettini (Coordinator)
D Research methodology applied to sport Laurent Damien George Mourot (Coordinator)
D Statistics applied to movement sciences Maria Elisabetta Zanolin (Coordinator)
D Neuromotor rehabilitation Nicola Smania (Coordinator)
D Theory and pedagogy of nordic walking Barbara Pellegrini (Coordinator)

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