Bachelor's degree in Radiology Techniques for Imaging and Radiotherapy (to qualify as a medical radiology technician) (Verona)


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Alessio Pierelli
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Lezioni 2A 1 semestre TSRM dal Oct 1, 2020 al Dec 4, 2020.

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Learning outcomes

To provide the basic elements on the equipment and its use in Radiotherapy with reference to quality controls and Technician operative role.


Historical background on the birth and technological development of Radiotherapy

Principles of Radiotherapy:
- radiobiology: the 5 R of radiotherapy
- tissue modelling: serial / parallel
- ICRU volumes: GTV, CTV, PTV

Linear Accelerator Components for Medical Use
Workflow in an RT department and Technician role
Radiotherapy Simulation
Planning and Optimization: TPS
Treatment quality indicators: DVH, TCP, NTCP

RT Techniques:
- ballistic aspects and use of beam compensators
- Conformational radiotherapy with static fields: 3DCRT
- Intensity Modulation Radiotherapy: IMRT and VMAT
- Special Techniques:
. Tomotherapy, CyberKnife, GammaKnife
. Stereotactic radiotherapy
. Extended body irradiation: TBI and TSEI
. Intraoperative radiotherapy: IORT

Image-guided radiotherapy (IGRT): EPID, OBI / CBCT and alternative systems

Dosimetric implementation of a radiotherapy technique:
- beam characterization
- planning
- in phantom and in vivo dosimetry verification

Management of respiratory motion in radiotherapy:
- respiratory gating: free breathing and breath hold
- overview of tumor tracking

Physical-technological Brachytherapy concepts: classification for dose rate and techniques

Assessment methods and criteria

The final exam consist of a written test followed by an oral discussion. The written test is a short multiple-choice test consisting of 6 questions; in the oral examination the candidate will be invited to speak about one of the topics covered in the teaching module and then to answer at two open questions related to the course program.

If safety indications related to Covid-19 spread risk do will not allow the examination to be carried out in person, the final exam will be converted into an online modality.

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