Bachelor's degree in Radiology Techniques for Imaging and Radiotherapy (to qualify as a medical radiology technician) (Verona)

Physics applied to radiological sciences - MISURE ELETTRICHE ED ELETTRONICHE

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Paolo Fumene Feruglio
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Lezioni 1A 1 semestre TSRM dal Oct 5, 2020 al Dec 18, 2020.

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Learning outcomes

Provide students with knowledge of electrical physical principles that regulate electrical components and circuits. Provide students with knowledge of electrical transduction, and analog-to-digital conversion.


Elements of measurement theory
Definition and purpose of a measure. Fundamental and derivative quantities. The international system of units of measurement. Basic units of measurement. Units and samples of electrical measurements. Error theory: systematic and accidental errors; errors of instrumental insensitivity. Classification of errors. Propagation of errors.
Fundamentals of electrical engineering and electrical measurements
Electrical quantities. Electricity. Electrification phenomenon. Conductive and insulating materials. Electromotive force and potential difference. Electric bipole concept. Series connection of generators. Voltage measurement. Voltmeters. Electric energy. Current intensity and unit of measurement. Ammeters. Interaction between electrical circuits and magnetic fields. Ohm's laws. Electrical resistance. Resistivity. Joule effect and electric power. Energy and electrostatic forces. DC circuits: generalization of Ohm's law; principles of Kirchhoff. Series and parallel resistors. Current and voltage divider. Electrostatic. Electric field. Capacities and electric capacitors. Capacitors connected in series and parallel. Electric discharge in the capacitors. Dielectric strength. Charge and discharge of an RC circuit. Definition of magnetic flux. Faraday's law. Electric inductance. Charge and discharge of an RL circuit.
Characteristics and use of measuring instruments. Analog and digital signals and instruments. Fundamentals of conditioning and analog-digital conversion. Galvanometers, ammeters, and voltmeters in and measurement of voltage and current with the amperometric volt method. Resistance, inductance and capacitance measurements. The multimeter. Measurement transducers. Application of measurement sensors in medical imaging radiology techniques. Sinusoidal sizes. Oscilloscope and its use in current, frequency and phase measurements.

Assessment methods and criteria

Written exam with exercises and oral questions with a possible oral test.

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