Bachelor's degree in Dental Hygiene (Rovereto)

Pharmacology, Anesthesia and Dental Emergencies - FARMACOLOGIA PER L'IGIENISTA DENTALE

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Guido Francesco Fumagalli
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CLID LEZ 2A 1S dal Oct 1, 2016 al Nov 18, 2016.

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Learning outcomes

Goal of this module is to provide the scientific knowledge required to understand the mechanisms of action of drugs responsible of their beneficial and adverse effects, to learn how clinical evaluation is applied to the study ad industrial development of drugs, to appreciate the rules governing drug-cell interaction and pharmacokinetics. During the course the effects and the clinical use of the following classes of drugs will be analysed in details: NSAIDs, corticosteroids, vasoconstrictors, drugs for the control of pain, antimicrobial drugs.


1- Drugs definition; principles of drug-receptor interaction; mechanisms of action and dose/effect relationships; drug efficacy and safety evaluation
2- Pharmacokinetics: diffusion across membranes/barriers and models of PK; absorption, distribution and elimination of drugs; drug metabolism; operative terminology: volume of distribution, half-life, clearance
3- Drug metabolism and elimination; the CYP system; therapy with multiple doses e therapy modification in presence of pathologies of the clearing organs.
5- Glucocorticosteroids
6- Drug for the management of pain: local anesthetics and opioids
7- Drugs acting on cathecolaminergic system and vasoconstrictors
8- Antimicrobial drugs

Reference books
Author Title Publisher Year ISBN Note
A. Conforti, L. Cuzzolin, R. Leone, U. Moretti, G. Pignataro, M. Taglialatela, M. Vanzetta Farmacologia per le professioni sanitarie (Edizione 1) Idelson-Gnocchi 2015 978-88-7947-592-1

Assessment methods and criteria

Written; multiple choice questions

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