Bachelor's degree in Speech and Language Therapy (to qualify as a speech and language therapist)

Assessment and rehabilitation of disorders of speech therapy in developmental age - LOGOPEDIA DEI DISTURBI DELLA FLUENZA VERBALE

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Stefania Brotto
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LOGO 2^ anno - 2^semestre dal Jan 7, 2021 al Feb 26, 2021.

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Learning outcomes

Provide students criteria to frame the main problems Speech Therapy faces in relation to Child Disfluency, in order to improve AWARENESS in the CLINICAL CHOICE PROCESS and guide these choices towards therapeutic instruments and approaches based on evidence.


Stutter Definition and Characteristics
Main Theoretical Paradigm
Stutter Epidemiology, Onset and Evolution in Pre-scholar and Scholar age
Prognostic Factors: primary and secondary
Clinical Diagnosis and Evalutation in Pre-scholar and Scholar age
Pre-scholar and Scholar age Speech Therapy according to the main therapeutic methods
Stutter Treatment and Evaluation
Didactic methods

Classroom lessons include frontal lectures (supported by slides), videos and clinical case evaluations.

Exam bibliography:

Frontal Lecture Slides

P. Florio e S. Bernardini, Balbuzie: Assessment e Trattamento, Ed. Erickson, 2014, Cap. 3-4 (esclusa parte età adulta)
D. Tomaiuoli, Balbuzie Fondamenti, valutazione e trattamento, Ed. Erickson, 2015, Prima parte: Cap. 9; Terza parte: Cap. 14-15

In addition to compulsory texts, students may refer to the following texts for more detailed background information:
R. Rocca, G. Stendoro, La balbuzie, una tecnica per sconfiggerla, 2008, ed. Armando
P. Cadonici, L’alchimia della balbuzie, 2001, ed. Rubbettino
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M. Strocchi, Balbuzie: il trattamento cognitivo-comportamentale, ed. Erickson, Trento, 2003

FLI: Trattamento della balbuzie: Linee guida di buona pratica clinica

Assessment methods and criteria

Assessment modality: Oral examination
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